Our Story

Our Mission is to provide each and every customer with high quality house cleaning.​

Our Values

Customer Commitment

We understand and value our customer's lives and their homes


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in the work we provide


We provide outstanding service on every level

Personal accountability

We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitment to service our customer's

Will to Succeed

We believe everyone wins when everyone is happy. This is our motivation to always strive for excellence

Andrea Wilson

Owner/Operator of Wilson’s PCS.

After a layoff in 2015 and many years working in corporate America, I made the decision not to go back. It was a huge decision at that time in my life but there was no better time than the present. So I decided I was going to work for myself and do something not only gratifying for me but also a way for me to give back in a sense. Wilson’s Pro-Cleaning was born. Why a cleaning company? Why not? What better way to use your gift and service families whose lives are already hectic enough.

After two years in business I truly believe I have found my niche in life. There’s nothing more satisfying when you know you’ve made a families life a lot less hectic. Things just seem to flow easier knowing there’s one less thing on your list of many things to do. That feeling is my motivation.